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Best IPTV Reseller Panel Service Provider [September 2020]

Best IPTV Reseller Panel Service Provider [September 2020]

 IPTV Reseller Panel Service Provider

Best IPTV Reseller Panel Service Provider [September 2020]IPTV has made TV an old school thing. If you look around, you will understand why it is getting so popular worldwide at present. Starting from enjoying the service by buying it to reselling it, IPTV offers everything.

There has been a study by Zion Market Research that says such market is likely to grow at a compound annual growth rate of about 18.01% to make $93.59 billion by 2021 from about $34.67 billion in 2015.

We found another study by Transparency Market Research calculating that the revenue would reach $79.38 billion in 2020 while growing at a solid CAGR of 18.1% in comparison with $24.94 billion in 2013.

So, getting involved in reselling business would be a very wise decision in this situation.

However, you will need a main service provider in the first place to resell the service and if you want a recommendation, then we will suggest to go with IPTVtune. They are one of our recommended best IPTV subscription service providers too.

IPTV reseller panel

Their streams are known to be reliable and there’s availability of different channels from accessed different countries. Not only that, multiple device compatibility is also ensured. Plus, they also offer informative electronic program guide. And these are some factors that make them the best. However, there are more!

So before getting to know those factors, let’s first know about IPTV Reseller Panel.

What is IPTV Reseller Panel?

IPTV Reseller refers to re-selling Internet-based Protocol Television to an online or local client from main service providers. The seller would provide you with a control panel in which you can enjoy trials creations, users modifications as well as subscriptions selling with ease. Each of the lines on the panel would cost you more reasonable than typical subscriptions where you can customize prices of the panel for selling purpose or you can sell it to normal market pricing as well.

TOP IPTV Reseller Panel Service Provider

how iptv reseller service works

IPTVtune IPTV Reseller Panel: Features and Details 

IPTVtune reseller offers several features that let you enjoy chilling out right at your home as well as having a profitable business. These features are what make them the Best IPTV reseller Panel because you will find more benefits and way lesser drawbacks that are of course fixable. We will talk about both the pros and cons later. But at first, let’s check out the features given in details below:

Premium Channels

IPTVtune is providing you with over 14,000 ordinary as well as premium TV channels and that too instantly. They also boast to offer high-quality channel streaming so you get to enjoy each video greatly. Moreover, they also offer over 200 different premium sports channels that are a good news to every sports enthusiast and lover.

VOD Movies and TV-series

They have around 20,000 movies with all the new releases so that you can enjoy a great movie time. Starting from popular to IMDB top-rated, they will provide you the videos on demand right after you request.

Not just that, they also provide around 20,000 TV series from their Video On Demand section which is stated to be huge. You can now watch all the episodes of newly released TV series on different devices.

AntiFreeze Technology

The services of IPTVtune use their cutting-edge H264 technology. With this, you will be provided with the best quality and compression while helping them offer AntiFreeze streaming to you. The sizes of IPTV stream measure roughly about 8 Mbit.

Nonetheless, they have suggested the requirement of internet connection speed of minimum around 16 Mbit. It is because, when you will change channels, the H264 protocol might bounce higher a bit to initiate showing the video and such speed will be required to deal with this. When it comes to HD channels, the required internet connection speed that has been suggested is around 30 Mbit.

Variety of payment methods

The provider accepts a variety of payment methods such as American Express, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, Bitcoin, Web money as well as other cryptocurrencies.

Full Refund 

They will provide you with a full refund within three days of your purchasing date. However, there is no offer of a refund for IPTV trial subscriptions. They also suggest you to test their service prior to buying so they don’t have to deal with any refund request in the first place.

24/7 Live Support

The IPTVtune comprises of a dedicated support team that you will always find ready to help their customers 24/7. The team will provide you with support starting from technical issues to billing issues.

Even if you are worried regarding the quality of their service, they suggest you to purchase their 24-hour IPTV trial at free of cost so you can check it for the day. If you think that it is good enough, you can opt for buying the service from them.

IPTVtune IPTV Reseller Panel: Pricing

The IPTVtune offers packages with credits and prices that have been divided into 6 categories. Each credit would be counted as a month except for 10 credits that are counted as a year. All these 6 packages will provide you with the same benefits, it’s just the pricing and months that will be different.


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