This Android Auto Workaround Could Help Deal with a Major Android 11 Problem

This Android Auto Workaround Could Help Deal with a Major Android 11 Problem
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The Android 11 update that was released last year and whose rollout still continues these days brought several important improvements for Android Auto, but at the same time, it also introduced a series of new problems that Google is still working on fixing.
One of them concerns music players, as some users discovered that the audio coming from these apps sometimes is sent to the phone’s speakers instead of the car’s system.

The problem was first reported in March this year, and Google quickly confirmed it was looking into the whole thing, though an actual ETA as to when a fix could land has never been provided.

But according to a recent post from Android Auto user Byren Vaughn, Google has determined that the problem in some cases comes down to microphone permissions.

As it turns out, Android Auto needs access to the microphone to correctly play music and send the audio to the car’s speakers because otherwise, you can only hear the tunes from your phone.

Wanted to let everyone know what the end solution was. After analyzing my bug report, they were able to determine the microphone permission needed to be granted. I changed the setting from Deny to Allow and music from Amazon Music started playing through the car speakers,” the Android Auto user explains in a recent post.

In the meantime, Google is still tight-lipped on when exactly it could roll out a full fix, and the company hasn’t confirmed if the workaround mentioned here does the trick for everybody or not.

A new Android Auto update is projected to go live in May, so we’re still several weeks away from the next release, which means you can very well give a try to this workaround to see if it makes any difference on your device. If it doesn’t, reaching out to Google to help them look into the whole thing is the next best option.

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